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Bringing communities together, helping businesses grow.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Story

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Our Mission & Vision

We want to bring businesses and communities together

Community is at the heart of everything that Catapult Media (Peterborough) Ltd stands for. We want to create a sense of belonging and connectedness among the people who work for us and with us. We want to foster a sense of community by providing channels of communication and ensuring the stories of the things that unite us are shared.

Our Mission

To bring local people and businesses together by providing print and online platforms which foster a sense of community.

We help businesses thrive by providing friendly and affordable advertising and marketing, as well as sharing the advice and experiences of others.

We inform, educate, entertain and inspire our audiences by telling the stories which weave through the fabric of our communities, bringing people together by sharing stories of the things that unite us.

Our Vision

Thriving Communities. Thriving Businesses. Brought together through the power of communication.

Sharing the stories which unite people and promoting the work of the businesses who deliver the products and services which enable our communities to function and grow.


‘Community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter’

– Brian Solis-

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

– Helen Keller-

Our Story

Combining a passion for print with a vision of community

Catapult Media brings together the two sides of the same coin – advertising and editorial – in a venture which aims to create print publications providing a platform to inform, inspire, educate and entertain, as well as bring together businesses and buyers.

Who we are

Catapult Media (Peterborough) officially became a limited company in April 2020, led by directors Sarah Crown and Tracey Sweetland.

The two had been introduced in the spring of 2019 during a business mastermind group and hit it off due to their backgrounds in print publishing – Sarah as a magazine advertising sales executive and Tracey as a newspaper journalist and editor.

Their passion for print and a burning ambition to build a successful business with the community at its core set them on a journey to create Catapult Media.


Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Catapult Media (Peterborough) Ltd is led by editorial director Tracey Sweetland.



Editorial Director: Tracey Sweetland

Editorial Director: Tracey Sweetland


Tracey has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist in local newspapers, including chief sub editor at The Peterborough Telegraph in the early 2000s. She was also a founding partner in the independent Spalding and South Holland Voice newspaper before leaving to set up her own marketing consultancy in 2018. She is responsible for managing Catapult Media’s content writers and graphic and page designers and producing and overseeing delivery of a marketing strategy for the business’s various products. Tracey also designs the company’s brands and builds the websites.

Email: tracey@catapult-media.co.uk

Phone: 01733 731257


Our Beliefs & Values

C is for Catapult and Community – our highest priority value. On that basis, we decided to adopt a set of values all beginning with C. Therefore, we value…


Bringing people together, telling stories that unite us and promoting the products, services and events that are available locally.


Kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others in every aspect of our work.


We will foster a spirit of openness, honesty and respect in all of our communications, within our team, with readers, advertisers, suppliers and everyone we comne into contact with.


We are committed to our cause of bringing people together using our publications as platforms of communication and promotion. We are committed to always doing our best, being the best version of ourselves and offering the best possible service to our advertisers and readers.


We have the courage to do what we feel is right, even if it not always easy. We will be brave and have the confidence to be seen and heard, pushing ourselves forward, outside of our comfort zones to achieve our vision, both personally and professionally.


We will constantly innovate, measure and adapt to ensure we provide a consistent level of service to our readers and advertisers in all publications, across all platforms. When people do business with us, they know exactly what to expect – every time, no matter who they deal with.


We will strive to use our imaginations and creativity to constantly improve our business, our products and services, as well as use our creativity to ensure our advertisers achieve the best return on their marketing investment.


Catapult Media (Peterborough) Ltd values the connections and relationships we build with everyone we come into contact with. We want to be the hub which connects people in our communities and highlights the things we share.


We will endeavour to be good citizens of the communities in which we work and encourage others to do the same by carrying out the duties and responsibilities which help create a cohesive society.


Our Commitments…

To create a strong and thriving community.

To connect people – with other people and with the products and services they need.

To strive to do our best, every day in every way.

To innovate and continually look for ways to improve what we do and what we offer.

To communicate openly, fairly and respectfully at all times.

To be good citizens within the communities we serve.


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